NCWD started its operation on February 01, 1977 and was issued by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) #041 dated May 06, 1977 that entitles the Water District to financial, technical, and administrative assistance. In the beginning, the Water District has a total of 1, 847 concessionaires. This is broken down into 1,700 for Kidapawan and 147 for Makilala.

On July 20, 1979 LWUA awarded NCWD a Certificate of Recognition for having attained a high degree of operational performance for the year 1978.

The Immediate Improvement Program (IIP) was completed in December 1983; the improved system provides the municipalities of Makilala and Kidapawan areas of approximately 674 hectares of areas served, and increase of 17% over the old system. The terrain then is generally sloping with elevations from 175 to 350 meters above main sea level.

The completion of the IIP brought number of  households served to 5, 482 with three sources of water:Saguing River, Pinang-inaman, and Singkato Springs. The transmission and distribution lines totaled to 39km with transmission lines from 100- 300mm in diameter.

In 1984, when other water districts were formed within the Province of North Cotabato, the Board of Directors deemed it necessary to change the name of North Cotabato Water District (NCWD) to Metro Kidapawan Water District (MKWD). This was also the time when the former Municipal Mayor Carlos Lebrillo, Sr. of the Municipality of Magpet through a Sangguniang Bayan Resolution signified his intention to annex Magpet to MKWD.

In 1989, MKWD implemented and constructed two projects. These were the 250,000 gallon reservoir with a cost of P 1.8 million at its 2.0 hectares lot at Brgy. Sudapin, Kidapawan, and its administration building at a cost of P 1.0 million at the MKWD’s 7,000 sq. meters lot at Brgy. Lanao. The MKWD although independent from the National Government in terms of funding, maintains its relationship with the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) and the Local Government Units like the Municipal Government, the Provincial Government, and the Office of the Congressman in the District. The Local Government Units also extended assistance for the implementation of several projects in terms of financing and materials needed.

On September 1991 the Supreme Court in an en banc resolution had decided that water districts throughout the country are now considered as Government Owned or Controlled Corporation, thus, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Commission on Audit (COA) Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Civil Service Commission (CSC), and the Department of Budget and Management.

On March 2000, the Municipality of Matalam was annexed to Metro Kidapawan Water District. The total number of service connections in Matalam as of December 31, 2002 is 139.

Effective March 2003, the Local Water Utilities Administration approved the upward re- categorization of MKWD from MEDIUM to LARGE Category, with 71 points earned upon evaluation.

Last 2016 MKWD was recategorized by LWUA to a Category A Water District in accordance to the issued Revised Manual on Local Water District Categorization by LWUA. Currently the District has more than 30,000 active service connections.

General Managers of the Water District, one after the other were, Engr. Gregorio Rizardo (1976- 1977), Mr. Wilfredo A. Alqueza II (1977- 1994), Mrs. Adela  P. Teh  (1994 – 2001), Dr. Maximino R.  Pacifico (2001-2002), Ms. Stella Gonzales-Anima, MPS (2002-2024) and presently Atty. William M. Angos, CPA (2024-present).

At present, the MKWD Board of Directors consists of the following:

  • ALAN G. PANDIO, Vice Chairperson representing the Education Sector
  • MELAGRITA S. VALDEVIESO, MRDM, Secretary representing the Women’s Organizations
  • LYNNIE G. CAGAPE, Member representing the Business Sector
  • ELISA D. SALAC, RN, MAN, Member representing the Professional Sector


MKWD envisions an economically viable public utility firm whose index of success is customer satisfaction in the provision of adequate, safe, potable and affordable water for Kidapawan City, Makilala, Magpet and Matalam service areas.


The provision of cost effective services and environmentally sensitive management of water resources that is committed to service development and self reliance.


MKWD aims for the protection, preservation and sustainability of our water resources. We will always adhere to sound practices in the management of the natural environment  and watershed recharge areas.


MKWD, as a self-reliant and financially viable government owned and controlled corporation is committed to provide its customers with safe, adequate and potable water within its service area.

MKWD will continually improve the Quality Management System with its commitment for cost effective services and achieve customer satisfaction.

To fully implement its Quality Management in water supply distribution that exceeds the minimum requirements of National Standards for Drinking Water and other Water Supply Distribution Policies and Regulations, and other applicable requirements, MKWD will:

  1. Manage water quality from catchments to customer services using risk based approach;
  2. Ensure designed response period in addressing customer needs in service delivery;
  3. Conduct constant water quality monitoring on water supply in compliance to regulatory requirements and to achieve customer satisfaction;
  4. Respond to incidents and emergencies effectively without affecting its operations;
  5. Continuously train managers, officers and the entire workforce with regard to water quality management and services.